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Accountancy Outsourcing

Outsourcing your accounting needs offers many significant benefits; it allows you to direct your limited resources into more productive areas for your business; it guarantees expertise in local laws and regulations; it provides continuity during times of change – mergers, acquisitions etc

  • Bookkeeping: recording of invoices and issuing reports in Thai Language and English Language by International accounting programs.

  • Taxation: timely monthly filing of

  1. VAT (PP30,PP36)

  2. Withholding Tax (PND3,PND53,PND54) 

  3. Personal Income Tax (PND94 ,PND91,PND1)

  4. Social Security payments and Yearly

  5. Annual submissions for Corporate Tax (PND50, PND51)


Our detailed knowledge of Thai tax laws will ensure total compliance with local timings and documentation requirements.

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